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Pacific Drive

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In this run-based driving survival adventure, you face supernatural dangers on each expedition into the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Make your base of operations in an abandoned garage, where you’ll research new parts, customize your station wagon, and chart routes deeper into the Zone. As you gather precious resources and investigate what’s been left behind in the Zone, you learn exactly what it takes to survive in this unpredictable, hostile environment.


It’s you and your station wagon against an unforgiving, vicious world. It’ll take more than a fresh set of tires to keep you alive, on and off the road. Your faithful wagon can be upgraded and reinforced to protect you, but the car is going to take a beating. Keep your gas tank filled and your panels intact to withstand the radiation permeating the Zone. You’ll be pushed to your limit - making repairs on the fly, scavenging materials wherever you can, and adapting your rolling fortress to tackle the many life-threatening dangers that lurk in the shadows.


The experimental leftovers of the secretive ARDA organization remain scattered across the Zone, and finding answers won’t be easy. Everywhere you look you’ll find anomalies, surreal forces of a twisted nature that make your journey more difficult... or at least a lot more interesting. Silhouettes in the dark, rolling piles of scrap metal, and towering pillars of earth - each run is packed with otherworldly hazards. As terrifying as those may be, nothing compares to the overwhelming power of a Zone Storm. Stomp on the gas and outrun it if you can - these rolling maelstroms rend the landscape and obliterate anything that sticks around too long. Don’t let that be you.


Check the map, pack some gear for the trip, and hit the road. Gather resources and collect data as you go, there’s all sorts of useful stuff inside the walls of the Zone. Make it back safely and use the contents of your trunk to improve your car and garage. Every time you venture out, new trials await: bizarre weather, unforgiving landscapes, and experimental remnants. The golden rule in the Zone is ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ — some materials can only be found in the most dangerous places. Be smart out there, and don’t waste time — it’s going to be a long haul.

Genre: action, adventure, racing, simulation

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PC (Steam), PC (Epic)