K e p l e r

We provide true AA & AAA publishing expertise that helps studios build their own brand while retaining true control of marketing. Providing better terms than any standard publishing partner while also being represented as part of a wider collective of high-quality games to partners and platforms. Kepler Ghost is your opportunity to use our expertise and platform to help you. 


In the game industry, it is important to create and manage a strong, recognizable identity for your game that resonates with your target audience. Our expertise in building and maintaining memorable brands allows us to position your game uniquely in the market, ensuring it stands out from the competition and appeals to your desired player base. 


Digital services encompass the various online and digital channels through which a game is promoted, distributed, and monetized. Kepler Ghost is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a skilled team that will maximize the digital potential of your game through targeted marketing, distribution, and sales strategies. 


Communications in the games industry involve managing public relations and social media to maintain a strong connection with your audience. Our team of seasoned communication professionals will craft tailored messaging and strategies to build and sustain a loyal player community, ensuring that your game receives the attention and recognition it deserves. 


Cultivating and maintaining strong connections with industry partners, influencers, and other stakeholders is key to success. Our extensive network and reputation within the gaming industry enable us to forge valuable partnerships that will elevate your game's reach, reputation, and revenue potential. 


Encompasses the collection, analysis, and interpretation of various metrics related to user behavior, game performance, and market trends. Our data-driven approach and advanced analytics tools will provide you with actionable insights that can be used to optimize your game's design, marketing, and monetization strategies. 

Business Development 

Involves identifying and pursuing new opportunities for growth, such as partnerships, expansions, or acquisitions. Our experienced business development team has a proven track record of identifying and executing successful growth strategies, ensuring that your game reaches its full potential and achieves long-term success. 


Managing the technical and operational requirements needed to launch and maintain a game on various platforms and devices is an integral part of and project. Our expertise in platform management allows us to seamlessly integrate your game across multiple platforms, ensuring a smooth, high-quality experience for players, regardless of their preferred device. 

That’s it. 

For fully funded projects that want expert marketing and publishing tools, we offer all the support of a AA/AAA publisher at just 15% base revenue share. 

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